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    Identification and Purchase of Luggage

    Date : 2019-04-12        Source : www.hyluggage.com

    Shopping skills

    Look closely at the appearance and try more hands-on: In addition to wheels and pull rods, in fact, when choosing luggage, there are some small details can not be ignored, such as zippers, locks and so on. It is suggested that consumers should observe the appearance carefully when choosing and purchasing luggage, and try more. Look at the appearance, the soft box mainly checks whether the pins are uniform, whether there are empty needles and leaking needles; the hard box mainly observes whether there are cracks in the box.

    In addition to the pull rods, wheels, zippers, locks and so on, the zipper must be pulled several times to see if the pull is smooth, whether the zipper has missing teeth, and so on. Locks mainly check whether the dial of the password lock is flexible. If conditions permit, consumers are advised to choose well-known brands of luggage, and high-quality luggage is also one of the guarantees of good mood.


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