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    Brief description of suitcases

    Date : 2019-04-12        Source : www.hyluggage.com

    Luggage is one kind of luggage. The utility model comprises a box body, a telescopic pull rod and a box bottom wheel, which are widely used because of its convenient use.

    Luggage has a long history. From wooden suitcases and large suitcases for clothing only to portable suitcases and pull-rod boxes of various shapes, the suitcases in people's hands are constantly evolving.


    1. Suitcases can be divided into soft cloth boxes and hard boxes according to their materials (hard boxes can also be divided into ABS, PP and ABS+PC and pure PC materials).

    2. The suitcase can be divided into vertical suitcase and horizontal suitcase according to its structure (vertical suitcase can be divided into four-wheeled suitcase and two-wheeled suitcase).

    3. Suitcases can be divided into 18-inch suitcases, 20-inch suitcases, 22-inch suitcases, 24-inch suitcases, 26-inch suitcases, 28-inch suitcases and 30-inch suitcases.


    1. Vertical suitcases should be placed upright.

    2. The cargo sticker on the suitcase should be torn off as soon as possible.

    3. When not in use, cover the suitcase with plastic bags to avoid dust. If the accumulated dust infiltrates the surface fibers, it will be difficult to clean up in the future.

    4. Depending on the material, the way of cleaning is decided. If the boxes made of ABS and PP are dirty, they can be wiped with a wet rag and a neutral detergent, and the dirt can be removed quickly. However, EVA is not applicable. The box on EVA can be brushed off with a brush first. If the stain is enlarged, it can also be gently brushed off with oil to remove the stain.

    5. In order to keep the wheels at the bottom of the box smooth, lubricating oil must be added to the axle to prevent rust.


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