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    What is the requirement for traveling abroad suitcases and what suitcases should I buy?

    Date : 2019-04-12        Source : www.hyluggage.com

    What size of suitcase is required for traveling abroad

    Luggage specifications are numerous, including 18 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches, 27 inches, 29 inches, 30 inches and so on. Specifically, the most commonly used 24-inch boxes are 610 x 420 x 200 mm in length, 260 x 490 x 230mm in width and 735 x 570 x 250mm in 26 inches. For students going abroad for further study, the 30-32 inch super-large airbox is the ideal choice.

    What kind of suitcase should I buy?

    Large bags can be divided into soft box and hard box according to their different materials. Hard boxes include ABS (styrene polymer) boxes and PP boxes (injection moulding). Soft boxes generally refer to EVA (high density foaming) boxes.

    ABS box has the characteristics of moisture-proof and pressure-proof, so even in the rain and snow weather, you don't have to worry about dampness and humidity of the goods in the box. Because of the material used, the box itself does not have a great degree of flexibility. It is suitable for storing valuables such as cameras and cameras. In case of external impact, the goods in the box will not be easily damaged. Its lock is a belt. Side lock password lock.

    Pp box is produced in a mould at one time, so its fastness is better than ABS box, which is also its biggest feature, and other features are roughly the same as ABS box.

    EVA soft box is different, its characteristics lie in its small self-weight, that is, the weight of the box itself is lighter, and the box has a certain degree of flexibility. It can pack more goods than ABS and PP boxes of the same specifications, so its biggest advantage is its large capacity, lightweight and convenient. Its lock is a password lock without side lock, and some models even have no password lock, so users need to add a lock.

    What kinds of boxes are there?

    Category A: Horizontal

    This kind of box is strongly not recommended. Because we usually have a lot of luggage, the balance of this kind of box is difficult to grasp after loading more, because it is pulled sideways, so it is either left or right. Another problem is wheels, because wheels can only land on one side at a time, and wheels do not move when the box sinks. The most important problem is that this kind of box needs to be lifted on one side when it is pulled. If a box weighs 30 kilograms, many people will not be able to lift it, or they will be very tired if they pull it for a while. So if the luggage is small and not heavy, you can use this kind of suitcase, if the heavy luggage is not used.

    Category B: Vertical

    There are many such boxes on the market, mostly canvas. In fact, this kind of box is also good, the outside pocket can put air tickets, documents and other things, it is very convenient to take at the airport, there are many pockets inside, you can classify things. My mother still has this kind of box. And this kind of box is the cheapest, economical, cost-effective, and weightless. It is very suitable for students.

    Category C: Universal Wheel (Recommended)

    I made a circle of boxes (basically one every year), and I didn't change much until the cardan wheel started. The wheels have canvas, ABS or plastic. It features at least four wheels at the bottom (16 of my boxes), all of which can be rotated 360 degrees on the ground. The advantage is that heavy luggage is easy to push, because the weight is on the wheel, just give a side push, especially for girls with 40 kilograms of luggage. Sometimes I hold the boarding box by hand and push the box by foot. When the above two boxes are pulled, at least part of the weight falls on the hand, and the arm can't stand it for a long time. Some people will say that there are school pick-up, airport pick-up and no need, but after arriving in the Netherlands, there will still be opportunities to move, travel, return home, all of which have to do by themselves, so I prefer this wheel. The second advantage is that it has more wheels, at least four, so that it can be used even if one or two of them are broken. Of course, more wheels are allowed to be worse. The disadvantage is that such boxes are generally more expensive.

    Selection of boxes

    Several aspects should be paid attention to: pull rod (retraction, solidity, thickness, etc.), zipper, lock, wheel, etc.

    Finally, it is suggested that foreign students should use packing straps to ease the burden of zippers, to identify boxes easily, and to remember to put their names and addresses on the boxes, and to attach a label with their own names and addresses on the outside (this label can be taken at the airport).

    What geomancy taboos should we pay attention to when traveling abroad?

    Attention should be paid to hotel stay

    In some foreign rooms where things have happened, religious objects such as the Bible and the Buddhist Sutra will be placed. Its purpose is to suppress the spirit. If you see such things, you'd better ask for a change of house to avoid unnecessary trouble. Hotel usually has a free safety deposit box, because the hotel will not be responsible for the loss of valuables in the room, visitors should deposit their valuables in the hotel safety deposit box, can also carry with them. After staying in the hotel, you should check the location of the safe passage and all kinds of equipment in the room. When you go out, you should close the doors and windows to prevent the loss of items.

    Keep in mind the contact information of the leader

    When traveling abroad, because the language is not clear, you should remember the telephone number of the tour guide or the local Chinese embassy. If you get lost or other unexpected circumstances, you can contact the team or the Chinese Embassy in time to get help.

    Attention should be paid to local taboos

    Every country has its own customs and taboos. Tourists should pay attention to local customs and habits when traveling in different places to avoid causing trouble. If India takes cattle as its god, Hindus do not eat beef; in Korea, it is not appropriate to talk and make a sound when eating. If this etiquette is not observed, it may be offensive. So when traveling abroad, we should listen to the guides to explain the local folklore.


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